We all know that we’re big fans of the Nutrisystem diet around here, mainly because it works, but it also turns out that it is pretty affordable when compared to other diet plans out there. It’s also super affordable when you compare it to what you probably spend at the grocery store each month. In fact, you can get started on Nutrisystem for less than $10 per day, and that’s going to cover the bulk of your meals over the course of the whole day.

nutrisystem food helps with weight loss

With that being said, let’s take a little bit of a closer look at some of the cost associated with Nutrisystem:

Basic Plan

Starts at $9.82 per day

Core Plan

Starts at $10.54 per day

Uniquely Yours

Starts at $11.96 per day

There isn’t a huge difference between the plans, but the biggest factor that distinguishes them is the food selection. With the uniquely yours plan you have more than 150 food choices, while on the core plan you get to select from a menu of about 100 different food choices. I have used the Basic plan as well, and personally, I thought the menu was adequate, but you know what kind of variety you like and it will be up to you decide if you want to spend a bit more money to get more food choices.

Those are the basic costs associated with the plan, but let’s take a more comprehensive look below. Check out this video for all of the details: