Nutrisystem for Guys – Does it Work for the Dudes Out There?

As Americans, we all know Nutrisystem by now – it’s hard not to, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or two. Nutrisystem has grown into a billion dollar company during that time, and largely due to all of the advertising they do. Many of the ads feature Marie Osmond, however, which is great news for women, but does this system work for the men out there?Nutrisystem for Guys

Well, as a guy who has tried Nutrisystem a few times over the years, I can tell you that it most certainly does work for men, and you can actually achieve some pretty amazing results using this super dialed in system for weight loss.

What Makes the Men’s Menu Different?


In its basic form, Nutrisystem is going to be pretty similar for both men and women. The food really isn’t going to be that different. The main difference, however, is the portions that you will be eating. The men’s menu is slightly more robust, when it comes to portion size. In most cases, men need more calories per day than women, which is the reason for the bigger meals.

Do They Have a Plan to Help Guys Navigate the Program?

Yes. When you sign on with Nutrisystem, your health is their number one priority, and when you’re using their system for weight loss, they will be there to guide you every step of the way. While it may seem like it’s complicated to navigate the weight loss waters on your own, that’s not the case with Nutrisystem. When you sign up for their plan, they’re going to send you everything you need to be successful. That includes most of the meals you’re going to need for the month, and a complete how-to guide for meal planning, a food journal, and a grocery shopping and eating out guide, so you can be fully equipped for the journey ahead. It really is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, as long as you follow the plan as they’ve designed it.

use nutrisystem if you want to lose weight

It really is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, as long as you follow the plan as they’ve designed it. In fact, with their all new Lean 13 program, they’re going to help you lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches during your first month on the program. They even include a Turbo Takeoff box, so you can be on track to hit the ground running during your first week on the program – this REALLY helps you maximize your results – hence, the Turbo moniker!


Nutrisystem is one of the best meal delivery diets on the market, and it’s a great choice for most men who are looking to lose 10 pounds or more. By delivering all of your food right to your door, they make everything super convenient, cut down on your trips to the grocery store, and walk you through the entire weight loss process. As long as you follow the system, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose weight, reach your goals, and set yourself up for long-term results – it’s a win-win! To learn more about Nutrisystem for men, check out the video below:


The Science of Weight Loss

Best Recipes of Detox Drinks causing Weight Loss

If you want speedy weight loss, then you should concentrate in learning different useful recipes of detox drinks. These drinks can improve your health condition naturally.

What are the main detox recipes?

Lemonade cleanse: This kind of detox drink is created with fresh lemons. Lemons are squeezed thoroughly within purified water and cayenne pepper and maple syrup are also blended to create a healthy drink. This lemonade drink is not only enriched with higher amounts of vitamins and minerals, but they can also help in burning up your existing body-fats. Toxins can be kicked-out completely from your system and your body will always remain hydrated and healthy. Morning time is the best hour for taking this detox drink.

  • Green-detox drink: Only green veggies are used for creating these kinds of drinks. Raw vegetables are put into mixing-grinders so that pure juices can be extracted easily. You can now get a great digestion due to the regular intake of these drinks. Some of the vital ingredients that are required in preparing this drink are carrots, kale leaves, celery stalks, beets, turnips, spinach, cabbage, parsley, onion, garlic cloves and many more. All these ingredients can be mixed together for creating a nice drink.
  • Fruit detox-drink: All kinds of seasonal fruits can be crushed together for creating this kind of drink. All seasonal fruits that have got high minerals and vitamins can be mixed together. Lecithin and flax oil can be added for enhancing the nutritional value of the drink to a great extent. These two ingredients make an addition of healthy fatty-acids to your drink. Those main ingredients that are included for making this drink are orange juice, purified water, banana, strawberries, yogurt, ginger, garlic cloves, lemon juice and Spirulina powder.
  • Cranberry juice: Fresh cranberries are crushed for making this juice and you can store this juice for a long time. Ulcers and UI infections can be controlled by this detox drink. Antioxidants, manganese and vitamin c are found in abundance in this drink. Psyllium fiber and apple pectin are useful for stimulating gentle intestinal stimulation.
  • Dandelion tea: calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin a are available in dandelion and this is why dandelion tea can flush out all toxins from your body easily.

You can try out the above recipes of detox drinks so that natural weight loss can be maintained with ease. You can also follow different videos for learning these recipes in details.